Neck Pain Relief

Practice these 3 Simple Methods for Getting Neck Pain Relief within 7 Days

Simple Neck Pain Relief Theory
My strategy to get neck pain relief has always been to find ways to treat yourself, specifically taking personal responsibility for your condition. We are often our own worst enemies when it comes to looking after our neck and backs.
With perseverance and will power it is amazing how often we can find solutions to our own health problems, no matter what they are. The human mind is incredibly powerful, and intimately connected to our bodies,  and we use only a fraction of the capacities of the human mind to enhance our health, well being and especially our neck and spinal issues.

Its the same when it comes to getting neck pain relief, and treating our own neck pain. My name is Daniel Feenstra I am a spina bifida with a life time of serious back,  neck pain  issues. I’ve had serious back and neck problems from birth so I know a little about neck pain, and how to find methods so solve your own neck issues and get real and lasting neck pain relief.
My personal Neck Pain Story
At 13 years of age I had cataclysmic event that changed my life. I was playing tennis, and something snapped in my back and I ended up in severe back and neck pain. One moment everything was fine and the next it was literally as if someone was stabbing a hot, burning knife into my back, my neck and my thighs. Every time air touched my neck or the left side of my body I would get this knife stabbing pain, that would literally cause me to yell in agony. I won’t go into all the details here, it was a long story of recovery and trauma and struggle. But what is important is that in the end the one thing that I learnt, and that I wish to share with you here,  is that through two simple things, you can learn to deal with any neck pain issue, and find some semblance of neck pain relief.

Method #1 Mind Training – Mental Discipline & Gentle Mindfulness
Mental Discipline 
First and foremost you need to be serious about getting neck pain relief. If you are not serious you will never find a solution. Primarly  because the energy that you need to confront your neck pain is often tied up in lack of will power, lethargy, and laziness. To get neck pain relief, the first step is having some discipline to get off your butt, get out of your chair, and get moving and stretching. This is the central method of my mind training process. You need to get get MOTIVTED and use your personal will and discipline to MOVE and STRETCH. Motivated to STRETCH and MOTIVATED to ACTION. If you are not you are doomed to fail from step one. Most people who are seriously in neck pain, and seriously seeking neck pain relief will take action.
Gentle Mindfulness
Being kind and gentle with yourself and your neck is critical. When you are in agony you want to treat yourself with kindness. But not too kind that we use our pain as an excuse to do ABSOLUTELY nothing to help ourselves……
Inspired to Action
Once we are inspired and motivated to take action, we need to do that mindfully, gently, consistently and gradually or else we can end up worse off than when we started. I’m sure you know for yourself that when you are suddenly inspired to take a course of action to get fit or lose weight, the most common problem is that you have a burst of energy at the beginning of your exercise program but can’t sustain it. Or you go hard at the beginning and end up hurting yourself before you have even got up to speed and got some traction.

So take your time, go gently, build consistent regular rhythms of stretching and moving exercises within your own personal limits. Then gradually extend them, step by step, day by day.

Step by step recovery
Once you are up and moving you need to be gentle, take things slowly. You need to balance yourself and your current situation wisely. Specifically you don’t just get up and start running when you are not fit. You do a little each day. The most important thing in getting neck pain relief and rebuilding your neck health is taking things slowly. Step by step you stretch a little each day, and you stretch a little more the next day. Small steps. Regular, consistent, rhythmic.

Method #2- Stretch & Move & Correct Posture
Robyn Mac Kenzie was one of the pioneers of Physiotherapy. I read about him years ago. His methods work, and I took some of his teachings and applied them to my own neck! The main method that seems so obvious is stretching, moving and good posture. If we don’t stretch, move and learn good posture when sitting, standing and walking,  we will stay stuck in our current condition, and our spine and back will degenerate rapidly.

To keep our neck and spine in good shape, and to give ourself the best chance of remaining in good neck and spinal health and get neck pain relief we need to keep stretching and moving, and be constantly mindful of our posture.

Some basic spinal anatomy can be useful to understand your spinal issue.
The human spine is made up of vertebrae that rest upon each other like a whole bunch of cotton spools.
The backbone is divided into three regions;
1. the cervical region, where there are seven vertebrae
2. the thoracic region where there are twelve vertebrae
3. the lumbar region where there are five vertebrae.
Basically those three regions are the neck, the upper back and the lower back. Beneath the lower back is the sacrum and coccyx, also referred to as the sacral region.
Getting long term neck pain relief requires stretching, movement and good posture habits that attend to all 3 areas and regions of the back.
Remaining in a static position is always going to defeat the requirement of movement. Again this is common sense without moving we will seize up, just like a any mechanical process.
If We Don’t Use It We Lose it!

This fact is one of the most useful insights. Start by stretching regularly. Just get up and do some basic stretching. Get Robyn’s book to find out more in detail what stretches he recommends.
The ones that I have found the most useful are as follows ;
A simple set of Flexion and Extension exercises.
Forward bends & back bends in laymans language.
See more at my post on Exercises for Arthritic Pain….
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Method #3 – Use Quiken Topical Pain Relieving Gel.
So once you have got method #1 Mind Training and attitude focused and are using your heart and mind well to help you do get into action and do the physical exercises, stretching, moving and good posture  in method #2 stretching moving and good posture. You want to get into Method #3 Get  some Quiken Pain Relieving Gel to help relieve the physical discomfort of your neck pain and help you get some immediate relief. I’ve created Quiken working with one of the top therapeutic herbalists in the world. Quiken works in a three fold way with powerful herbal remedies to open and warm the neck vertabrae, enter deeply inside to cool and sooth tissues, and heal and regenerate the neck vertebrae to give you lasting and effective back pain relief.
Hear Josephine’s neck pain relief story below ;
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