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How Quiken works

Quiken works in a threefold way.

Firstly by warming and opening the tissues. Upon the very first topical application, you will notice the warming and opening effect.  Secondly once the tissues are opened Quiken moves in fast to the affected area of inflammation, pain or joint pain, with a soothing, cooling and calming effect.  Over time and continued application Quiken can help heal and repair the joint itself.

Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel is recommended for:
• Inflammation and keeping joints supple
• Supporting and protecting the cartilage
• Bone development and calcium assimilation
• Rejuvenating tissues
• Protecting the ligaments and tissue elasticity
• Psoriasis
• Healing fractures, demineralization.
• Soothing and easing joint pain
•  Immediate relief from muscle aches and pain.
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3 Responses to “How Quiken works”

  1. John Crivello says:

    Hi There – please advise where abouts the Company is
    based – is it in New Zealand.
    Many thanks

  2. moka says:

    Hi there, I live in Auckland and have seen your product on your site, his G5 gel, is it to taken by applying onto the effected area or taken orally, please let me know as I am interested, if you allow me to pick up form your company, are you able to provide your address and your land line so we can contact you before we come and pick up our producl, please let me know when you get this mail. thank you and look forward to hear from you

    Thank you


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