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If you have any queries, questions or comments please email me direct at ;

I’d love to hear your feedback too. There are many conditions Quiken is helping. So share your story , and people with your condition can benefit too.

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Contact phone ;

021 749-288

Daniel Feenstra,
Park Rd,
New Zealand.
Skype ; danielf8
24 hours cellphone ; +64 21 749288

For New Zealand customers text or call me on 021 749288 to place an order. I can deliver next day courier, or if you are in Auckland you can pick up from me in Titirangi.

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16 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Ross Short says:

    Wife has just been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and is in considerable pain and unable to walk far
    Just emailed our local heatlth clinic here in Nelson and along side my email was your website so immediately logged on and your product is just what the doctor asked for so have ordered a tube
    Hard to see someone you love but are unable to do anything for her, doctor prescribed paracetamol and ibrufen but that doesnt do a thing so looking forward to using this new gel

    Regards, Ross

  2. Hello THere, Would be interested in trying your product as a substitute for Artrosilium. Can you please email me with details about your products.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Debbie Rose says:

    Do you offer samples of G5 gel?

  4. Tu says:

    Hi Daniel
    I am in Avondale Auckland
    Can we buy quiken with NZ dollers credit card please.?

  5. Susana says:

    Dear Daniel Feenstra,

    I am 44yrs old and have had arthiritis in my knees for the last 4 years. I cannot straightened my knees anymore and it is always painful, I have been using crutches now for the last 3yrs. I take medication, but have only just been taking them properly, I lost the weight but I still experienced the pain. They doctors say its wear and tear, but because I dont take my pills, they dont really want to help me. My life now is very limited and I feel depressed alot, but my family doesnt know, how I feel. Please help me.


    • Pain Coach says:

      HI Susana,
      Sounds tough. I know how you are feeling!
      I’m sure Quiken will help you get some relief. Give it a try there are no side effects and you will have nothing to lose. Go to the order page and get some today. Its changed my life and will surely help you too. All the best.

  6. Sera Tofaeono says:

    please i need help with my pain,sore knees,sore back,for long time i been doing some research on the net I found this gel so I am interest in it try to order can’t get through
    please can you help me to get this product
    thank you
    need help

  7. Kym Bashford says:

    Hi, I am interested in trying your product, but I was wondering what type of scent it has? Does it have the usual “menthol” type scent of many muscle and/or joint ointments? If not, could you try and give a description of it.

    • Pain Coach says:

      Hi there, it is definitely not like your usual menthol. Its smell is unique, but many many people comment on it that they really like the smell. Its not overpowering at all and definitely creates a sense of well being and ease. The formula has lavender, wintergreen, frankinsense, its uplifting and relaxing at the same time. thanks Daniel

  8. Frank Thomas says:

    Can I order a 6 pack and split shipment ship to two addresses?

  9. Arnil says:

    Hi. My mother is 80yrs old & suffering from knee arthritic inflammation. She hardly complains but I know she’s really in some pain. She doesn’t like to take pain relievers as she said it’ll have bad effects on her kidneys/liver. She resorts to liniments but accdg to her, the relief these offer is short-lived. Am interested in your gel. Would like to give it a try. How do we avail if we’re from the Philippines. Thanks & more power!

  10. Frank Thomas says:


    I tried to email you at but it came back as non existent.

    I received my order for 2 bottles of Quiken Gel, Transaction ID 00l241672G0374318. I have not yet decided if it works on my knees, but I am disappointed that the bottle size I received appears to be half the size of product you display on your web page. Please explain why.

    Frank Thomas

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