Vitamins for Knee Joints

My name is Daniel Feenstra.  As a spina bifida  I have had severe knee problems for over 30 years due to arthritis and osteoarthritis. I have tried and tested hundreds of different supplements and vitamins for knee pain relief.

Many just simply don’t work and seem to rely on placebo effect, but in my experience these 5 supplements are the most effective.

Here are the top 5 vitamins and supplements you can take to help get knee pain relief. These have been proven by studies to help knee joints, create more flexibility, ease pain, and reduce inflammation. Regardless of studies these worked for me 🙂
Listed from top to bottom  ( top must have, bottom not essential );
1. Organic Silica
( topical is best Quiken natural pain relieving  Gel)  We need silica for healthy  bones, joints and skin. Silica reduces as we age so we need to replace it maintain good bone and joint health.
2. Glucosomine
is naturally produced in the body and is a key component of cartilage, which is necessary for normal joint function.
3. Chondroitin
Chonodroitin sulfate is also found in cartilage and helps joints resist compressive loads.
4. B 5 vitamin
Proven to reduce swelling and inflammation and particularly effective with knee problems. Definitely worked for me. Find a high potency B5 , need to take reasonable quantities daily to notice a difference. Thompson’s B5 500mg is a good one.
5. Vitamin C
Antioxidant ( Thompson’s Antioxidant A,C, E.)
Vitamin C is a long proven all round supplement that helps with many skin and joint problems, it is effective for knee problems, to reduce swelling and inflammation and is an excellent free radical vitamin.

I take a combination of these vitamins for knee joints daily – Glucosomine and Chrondroitin are important, but what is critical is rubbing in Quiken natural pain relieving  gel to my knee twice daily. Using Quiken I find I have little or no swelling, stiffness or pain. I also do regular stretching and knee exercises daily. This programme makes a significant difference to my knees.
Try these recommendations. You will find using Quiken natural pain relieving gel and taking vitamins for your knee joints will help you lead a much better quality of life free from knee pain.
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