Twisted Knee Symptoms

Hey there, may name is Daniel Feenstra and I have had knee problems for a little over 30 years. This blog has been written to share some of the things I do that work for knee pain, and help people suffering from knee issues  live a better life.

Twisted Knee symptoms can occur from a range of injuries. It may be a tear, twist or pull of a muscle. The person experiences pain, weakness and possible muscle spasms immediately after the injury.

The primary problem is the ligaments that attach to the bones have undergone a shock, either torn, or twisted. The result can very depending on the degree of the tear or strain. Recall the runner or rugby player who suddenly pulls up. That is the worst type of tear and results in excruciating pain. Other twisted knee symptoms may include bruising, swelling, instability, and pain when the knee is moved.

Treatment is well known.

The RICE method is the most common form of treatment for twisted knee symptoms.

REST – That means total rest, ZERO weight bearing on the damaged leg.

ICE – Immediately, or as quickly as possible ice the area.

COMPRESSION – Bandage, wrap or strap the injured area firmly and securely. Better to have this done by a professional, or your physician if you are not confident that you can so this yourself.

ELEVATION – Elevation reduces swelling, inflammation and helps the knee to drain fluid that may have built up. It will also help ease the pain, and promote healing. Elevate as much as possible and as quickly as possible after the injury.

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Good luck

Daniel Feenstra


See your doctor or physician if the symptoms from your twisted knee pain have not gone away within 3-5 days.

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