Foods that cause inflammation of the joints

My name is Daniel Feenstra. I have suffered from arthritis and osteoarthritis and knee problems for many years. I have tested and tried literally hundreds of different diets to deal with arthritic knee pain.

Although every person has different trigger foods that cause inflammation and ultimately finding the foods that cause inflammation for your joints is an individual journey of trial and error. Yet these 11 foods are generally well accepted by scientific research to have a direct impact on inflammation of the  joints . Eliminating these foods from your diet will make a significant difference to your inflammation of the joints. Combine that with Quiken natural pain relieving Gel and you will be well on the way to improving your general joint health.

Top 11 Foods that cause inflammation of the joints

1. Bacon

2. Steak

3. Pork

4. Cream

5. Butter

6. Ice cream

7. Eggs

8. Cereals

9. Bread


11. Alcohol

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