Clicking Knees

My name is Daniel Feenstra, I’ve spent a lot of years exploring knee and arthritis problems and finding solutions that help people live well with knee pain and get fast and long term effective knee pain relief.

Quiken Pain Relieving Gel is something I use daily to help with the knee problems I live with. It works. Whether you have clicking knees from arthritis or have a torn a ligament, Quiken Pain Relieving Gel really makes a difference for serious knee conditions.

Top 5 Causes of Clicking Knees

  1. Arthritis – clicking knees is one sign that your knee problem could be caused by an arthritic condition. Other symptoms might be, joint stiffness, inflammation of the knee, joint erythema. For a detailed diagnosis of clicking knees see your physician.
  2. Meniscus tears – a meniscus tear is a tear in the shock absorbing cartilage of the knee. It is a common problem and often results in clicking in the knee
  3. Medial collateral ligament – the medial collateral ligament is a tear or stretch of the ligament on the inside of the knee. You will usually see bruising and swelling there will be instability in the knee and you will be in quite a lot of pain. The knee will be stiff and you will have clicking in the knee.
  4. Posterior cruciate ligament – as with the medial ligament – the posterior cruciate ligament is a tear or stretch on the posterior cruciate ligament. The general symptoms are black and blue marks, instability of the knee.
  5. Anterior cruciate ligament is caused most commonly by overstretching of the anterior cruciate ligament. You will experience stiffness in the knee, chronic pain, possibly black and blue marks.  The knee itself may feel tender and sore.

In all these circumstances it is best to expert help from your physician to determine the correct course of treatment for your clicking knees. What has worked for me it rubbing on Quiken Pain Relieving Gel 3-5 times daily as part of a long-term treatment programme for my knee pain relief that is caused by arthritis.

If you or someone you know is seeking arthritis pain relief, back pain relief, knee pain relief,  lower back pain relief, joint pain relief, or neck pain relief, point them to Quiken the best Pain Relieving Gel on the net. Trust me, as someone who has a life time of knee and arthritic pain behind this product produces amazing results…

Wishing you the best of knee health

Daniel Feenstra

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