What is good for arthritis pain

My name is Daniel Feenstra and as a spina bifida with a severe arthritic condition, I have spent over 25 years experimenting with what does and doesn’t work when it comes to Arthritis Pain Relief.

That is why I’ve formulated  Quiken, a topical pain relieving gel that gives Immediate Joint Pain Relief within seconds. Rub it on to the affected area and you will be amazed at the instant difference it makes to your joint pain.

Quiken is made from powerful medicinal herbs found in the bush in Titirangi, New Zealand…….

I’ve had many many people ask me the question about what is good for arthritis pain……often its the simplist things that make the biggest difference.

Three Common Sense principles really help.

If you diligently apply these three arthritis pain tips below there is no doubt in my experience that they will SIGNIFICANTLY help your arthritis pain.

They encapsulate what is good for arthritis pain. Combine them with Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel and you will be well on the track to freedom with arthritic pain.

What is good for arthritis pain ?  tip #1.

Mild exercise,  stretching and yoga. Its a proven fact, no matter what your condition, how severe your arthritis pain, or how mild your condition, if you don’t get regular exercise and move your body it will seize up. I will never forget after each surgery I would have the first and most important prescription from my doctors is to get out of bed and get moving. Simple. The old saying use it or lose it never applies more readily to joint issues and arthritis pain. One of the reasons I am still walking today is because I keep moving no matter what. I keep stretching no matter what. I keep doing yoga postures no matter what. Why? Because I know what is good for arthritis pain is to get moving and stay moving. In our modern society many people sit around and wonder why they are in pain. One of the biggest reasons that I see is that people are lacking will power, lazy and self perpetuating their own suffering. As soon as you get up of your butt and get moving you are doing the first and most important thing that is good for arthritis pain. I can’t reiterate it enough. What is good for arthritis pain? Get moving and stay moving no matter what!

What is good for arthritis pain ?  tip #2

Hydration. Drink at least 1.5 Litres daily  of fresh, purified water, preferably distilled. This is another very simple thing. Our bodies are composed mostly of fluids. If we don’t drink enough water everything starts to dry up and seize up. Again what is good for arthritis pain is simple. Drink pure distilled water, and plenty of it. Many people debate what is the best water to drink. I think rainwater is. Rainwater is basically distilled water, naturally gone through the cycle of natural distillation. The key is only to drink rainwater collected from areas away form the city where the air is pure and clean. Mineral water is composed of many inorganic  minerals that are not able to be digested or assimilated by the human body. What is good for arthritis pain is plenty of water that is free from these inorganic minerals. If we drink mineral water that is loaded with inorganic minerals it’s like we are filling up our joints with calcifying toxic minerals. Get into the habit of replacing cups of tea, coffee or soda drinks with water. If you really and truly want to improve your arthritic condition and do what is good for arthritis pain then follow this tip. You will get  pain free results fast.

What is good for arthritis pain? tip # 3

Avoid alcohol and sugar. Eat alkaline foods, avoid all acid foods that are well known to inflame the joint. This is another no brainer. It cost nothing and is probably the hardest thing to consistently practice. Changing our addiction to sugar and or alcohol is not easy. but what is good for arthritis pain is simple. Remove all sugar and alcohol from your diet and you will notice a huge improvement in your digestion, in the amount of acid present in your body. By eating mostly alkaline foods you are taking away the basic condition of acid build up that keeps your joints inflammed. I’m all for doing the very simple things that are obvious. You can spend hundreds of $$$ on fish oils, omega 3’s, chrondroitin, glucosomine and all the latest tablest that are meant to help arthritis, but if you are stuffing your face full of acid producing foods, eating piles of sugar and chocolate and drinking alcohol, you are literally creating the perfect conditions for arthritis. If you want to live what is good for arthritis pain, start by being disciplined about what you put in your body. Imagine what you eat is what is good for arthritis pain. If eating for being free from arthritis pain is something that interests you, then start today. Plan ahead, write a meal plan, and stick to it.  Make sure you don’t have the things in your house that cause acid conditions. Remember if you want to live what is good for arthritis pain, its up to you, nobody else can do it for you. There is no point in complaining. Just try what is good for arthritis pain tip # 3 for 14 days and  see for yourself if it improves.

These three simple tips on what is good for arthritis pain can be distilled into 5 simple practices.

1. What you eat. Eat simple, whole foods. Whole means just that. Nothing processed. Eat an abundance of vegetables, fruits, preferably raw. Add a mix of whole proteins with as little fats as possible. Seafoods and fish, tofu, nuts, and meats only if ZERO fat on it. Lean lamb, beef, and chicken. Add in plenty of natural oils, olive, avocado, raw and unprocessed, preferably organic. Basically eating vegetables and protein, and small quantities of wholegrain rices, will make a huge difference to your arthritic condition and overall pain from arthritis.

2. What you drink. Drink plenty of pure water. Non-mineral if possible. Either pure rainwater, or distilled. Avoid all alcohol, it just increases fluid retention, adding potential fuel to arthritic pain.

3. Exercise daily. Do some exercise daily. To deal with arthritis you need to get off your butt and exercise. Any exercise if better than none. Walk for 5 minutes a day, gradually build it up to 30 minutes or 45 minutes if possible. Breathe deeply as you walk. Feel the simple joy of being alive. Do it daily, if you are in pain while walking, do it anyway. Gently. Keep doing it, walk gently with the pain. If it worsens obviously see a physician. Before that though giveit a few weeks of consistent daily exercise. This is what is good for arthritis pain.

4. Sleep. Go to bed and hour earlier than normal for 2 weeks. Notice the difference when you get an extra hour of sleep before midnight. Watch your energy and monitor your arthritis pain. Sleep is what is good for arthritis pain.

5. Quiken Gel Apply it daily. It works.

If anyone asks what is good for arthritis pain now you know!

30 years of experience living with arthritis pain these are the most basic, and simple, common sense instructions I have learned. Try them for yourself.

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