The Danger of Sugar for Arthritis Pain Relief

Discover How Sugar can have a Disastrous Effect on Arthritis, and Why we must Remove it Completely from our Diet if we want to get Serious Arthritis Pain Relief.

Combine Quiken a Potent Topical Pain Relieving Gel with a Sugar Free diet and you will be well on the way to Arthritis Pain Relief.

My name is Daniel Feenstra and I’m a spina bifida who has had 30 years of joint problems, arthritis and osteo-arthritis. I have tried many different remedies, diets and cures and in that time discovered what works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting arthritis pain relief.

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Sugar and Arthritis Pain Relief………The FACT is Sugar leads to BIG trouble for arthritics.

Sugar is one of the worst things that we can consume for our arthritic condition. It destroys lubricating oils in our bodies, which are needed to fight arthritis. Excessive sugar also deteriorates the intestinal wall. Once degenerated, the intestinal wall lets sugar molecules be transmitted almost at random into the linings of your joints. There it burns out the oil in the joint lining.

The action of sugar is horrific for joints, and must be avoided if you are really serious about getting free from arthritic pain. Arthritics must realize that sugar can attack your bodily oils, leave the linings in a wasting condition, subject to scar tissue. As the oils waste away under the influence sugar, the tissue fluids gel and stiffening sets in. The next stage to stiffness is to become crippled.

This blog is about the serious dangers of sugar for rheumatoid arthritis but the reality of sugar acting as a poison is a fact for arthritics of all types. If you are seeking lower back pain relief, neck pain relief, arthritis pain relief, joint pain relief, back pain relief, then try  Quiken, its a topical pain relieving gel that works instantly.

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