Stiff knees after sitting

My name is Daniel Feenstra I have spent over 30 years with serious knee problems, knee pain, and had many knee surgeries. I am an expert on all things to do with knee problems….and  one of the most common knee issues I hear  from people is their difficulty with stiff knees after sitting.

Like many of the problems we face, we are often our own worst enemy in terms of causing the very problem we have!

To get moving and stay moving and treat stiffness of the knees after sitting we need to do one thing.

Exercise, Stretch and Move. While we are sitting we can always be doing some movement that addresses the fact that lack of movement causes stiffness of the knees after sitting…..

Rubbing on a topical Knee Pain Relieving Gel is helpful too. Quiken is a topical Pain Relieving Gel that will help you get moving and stay moving. Rubbing it on daily it gets into the joint and creates warmth, increases flexibility and will help your stiff knees after sitting. Whether you are looking for knee pain relief,  arthritis pain relief, joint pain relief, back pain relief, lower back pain relief, neck pain relief using Quiken Pain Relieving Gel will increase the range of movement in all the joints you apply it to.

The most difficult thing is changing a habit. The simple habit of sitting and not moving your knees, can be changed. Stiff knees after sitting can be a thing of the past. To make the changes you need to make always start small, a few minutes of stretching and movement per day as you sit.

Just start by rotating your ankles gently, then move to flexing your your feet backwards and forwards. All these movements will mean that that your knees get a mini workout while you are sitting. You can also just press your heels gently into the floor and hold for a few seconds and then relax. Rotating, flexing and pressing your feet on the ground will all have an impact on your knee flexibility.

I do these exercises daily while I am sitting and they make a huge difference to flexibility and reducing the stiffness of my knees. Combine that with a topical application of Quiken Pain Relieving Gel and your knees will gradually, day by day, get more flexibility no matter what your knee condition is. Always be gentle, never push through pain, but do make the effort and build a habit of moving and stretching while you are sitting.

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