Recognise Your Arthritis by the Symptoms

Understanding arthritis and its causes is essential in finding your own solution to cure it……Educating yourself on what causes arthritic pain will pay real dividends in treating yourself and finding a way to live well with arthritis.

Using Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel along with specific daily intake of quality oils in your diet will result in less pain, more flexibility and a decrease in inflammation from joint pain.

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The emphasis of this entire blog is on oils and the battle to prevent dryness. Why wait for your joints to become frayed and and “worn” at the edges from friction.  You can prevent such a painful condition by starting now to respond to the warning signals.

Symptoms of arthritis are the very proof in themselves that this disease is mainly a problem of dryness, here is a list of danger signs.

  1. Dry, cracking, inflamed joints.
  2. Dry skin on various parts of the body. ( advanced cases show white, flaky skin over the ankles knees or elbows)
  3. Dry scalp, dandruff in hair.
  4. Dry, scalp, dandruff in hair
  5. Brittle or splitting finger nails, ridges in nails.
  6. Wrinkles in skin, frequently at the sides of the neck.
  7. Stretch marks in skin over muscles of arm and over the hips after substantial weight loss. This shows lack of elasticity in tissue. Proper dietary oils can even prevent stretch marks which follow pregnancy.
  8. Loss of pigment in the hair ( prematurely grey) earlier than is considered compatible with the person’s age.
  9. Itching in the area of the rectum
  10. Encrustations in the corner of the eyes.
  11. Constantly “itchy” nose.
  12. Buzzing in the ears.
  13. Loss of color and complexion changes.
  14. Stiffness upon rising.
  15. Varicose veins.
  16. Sterility
  17. Etch marking on teeth.
  18. Bleeding gums.
  19. Numbing and tingling in extremities.
  20. Cold or clammy hands and legs.

If you have any of the above symptoms perhaps you will readily agree that arthritis is a “drying out” process within your body. You may have one or many of these symptoms and still have arthritis. If any of these danger signs are present and they may come five to ten years before actual arthritis – it proves that you are susceptible to this disease.

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