Cod-Liver Oil, & Arthritic Joint Pain Relief

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Important  experiments with Arthritis research in Rats and Dogs

Way back in 1930 research was done on keeping rats on fat free foods. The early pioneers in this field were Dr G.O. Burr and Dr MM Burr. In the journal of Biological Chemistry ( vol. 82. and vol. 86, 1930) they reported the following results.

Rats on Oil Free diets.

After 70-90 days on the diet, the rats had ;

  1. Dry, inflamed, swollen joints.
  2. Dry and scaly skin : generalised throughout their bodies.
  3. Inflamed, swollen, heavily scaled tail, with ridges.
  4. Hind feet became red and swollen at times.
  5. Dandruff in their hair on the back of their bodies.
  6. Tendency to lose hair on the back, throat, and neck.
  7. Sores often appeared on the skin, especially the face.
  8. Blood in urine; kidney disease.
  9. Female rats: irregular ovulation ( longer cycles).
  10. Male rats could not be induced to mate.
  11. Retardation and gradual cessation of growth.
  12. Consumption of water doubled.
  13. 25 percent underweight.
  14. Death due to kidney damage. ( usually found at autopsy.)
  15. Concretions in bladder. ( stone-like formations.)
  16. Shorter life span in general.

Do the above symptoms sound familiar? Yes, many of them can be compared very closely with the symptoms of arthritis in human beings. Oil deficences in the diet of the rats caused all these conditions, just as the lack of oils affects human arthritics.

Those experiments back in 1929 placed medical science on the right track. Since the rats were allowed protein, minerals, oil free vitamins, and carbohydrates in their diet, it was felt that these symptoms arose only because certain oils were missing from their food. The doctors name these missing factors “the essential oils”.

In their efforts to cure the deficiencies in the rats, the doctors used butter, corn oil, poppy-seed oil, supplemented egg yolk, linseed oil, lard, coconut oil, and cod liver oil. Butter alone could not do the job. This observation verified the idea that the rats did not have a vitamin – deficiency diesease. Because butter has soluble vitamins in it.

Dr CE Graham and Dr WH Wendell then reported in the Proceedings of the Society  for experimental biology and medicine ( vol 28 1930-31) that while oil could cure the dryness in skin and scalp, it is limited in its effectiveness in other oil deficiencies.

Progress continued under Dr A. E. Holt.In the journal of Pediatrics ( vol6, 1935) Dr Holt and his associates admitted that until then they believed that all fats were the same. ( aside from their vitamin content.) The doctors had also felt that fats could only be used as a source of energy. Now in 1935, they had to take a different attitude and re-examine nutritional oils. Dr Holt discovered that infants on oil-free diets could develop eczema and blemishes of the skin. The use of oil to combat various ailments was now gaining popularity.

Later, Dr O Turpeinen, in the Nutrition Journal vol 15 1938, wrote that he had tried experiments on rats to see how much essential oils were needed to prevent deficiency. His finding concluded a very small quantity of oil would still have a positive impact. Less than 1 % of the diet  would be sufficient.

Next from England came a vital observation. Four doctors EM Hume, LCA Nunn, I Smedley-MacLean, and HH Smith, wrote in the Biochemical Journal ( vol 32, 1938) that they objected to the irregular symptoms in the oil-free experiments which they had made. Not all the rats were getting kidney diesase. The tails were not always corrugated. Why weren’t they?

They soon discovered that when cod-liver oil extract was given with the diet, kidney disease and other types of deficiencies did not appear. Here was cod-liver oil coming into the picture as a recognised method to overcome oil deficiencies. These doctors were opening the door.

In 1941 two of the same doctors went further. Doctors Smedley-Maclean and LCA Nunn wrote that in order to build new tissue in the body substances like those found in cod-liver oil were essential for good health.

Dogs have also been used in important experiments into arthritic conditions. Dr A E Hansen and Dr H F Wiese worked with dogs. When subjected to oil free diets, the dogs developed dryness of the skin, dandruff in the hair, and eczema. On the fat free diet the dogs also also had lower amounts of iodine in their blood. Replacing essential oils in the dogs diet all the conditions disappeared.

In conclusion ; lubricating oils are essential to get relief from joint pain and arthritis.

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