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Discover how to Get  Fast, Effective, Long Term Joint Pain Relief using, Quiken,  a Natural Pain Relieving Gel made from  Potent Anti inflammatory Medicinal Plants used by the ancient Maori tribe of New Zealand.

New Zealand medicinal plants have been used successfully for joint pain relief for hundreds of years. The benefits from using a natural plant based gel vs prescription medicines is significant, specifically no nasty  side effects.Most joint pain formulas sold over the counter and prescribed by physicians have heavy duty side effects. Upset stomachs, dizzyness, and nausea are  common when taking emugel, votaren, or diclac.

If you are searching for relief from severe joint pain, and are sick of taking expensive pharmaceutical drugs or chemical based creams, I can help. I am a spina bifida with 30 + years of severe joint pain from arthritis joint pain to lower back pain, to neck pain to back pain. You name it I’ve had it.

My  name is Daniel Feenstra, and as a  long term sufferer of  joint pain I know the difficulties of constant joint pain…… Joint pain has been a significant part of my life since childhood. To help find my own joint pain relief  I’ve created a  a 100%  totally natural plant based pain relieving gel.

Quiken is a natural pain relieving gel created in partnership with one of the most talented herbalists in the world. The Quiken joint pain relief formula is designed to not just bring you immediate joint pain relief but to penetrate deeper and repair the problem in the joint itself.

Combine Quiken with a wholesome anti inflammatory diet, moderate exercise, and plenty of pure water and you will be amazed at how quickly you will get joint pain relief.

Several of the most common rheumatic conditions can be treated with the above common sense remedies.

These common rheumatic conditions are directly related to arthritis ;

Bursitis. When you develop pain in your shoulder muscles and calcium is forming in your bursae ( the puch or sac), the bursae have run out of oil. You are eating wrongly, or are over-exercising. You have bursitis.


If the oil sheath which covers your nerves dries out, you have neuritis. Another way of saying it would be “rheumatism in your nerves”. Oils in your food are supposed to keep the nerve coatings intact. ( We will tell you which oils are best in another post.)


Working hard means that you tax many muscles in your body. When muscles have no oil to lubricate them, friction occurs in the muscles. You then aquire myositis.

Inflammatory rheumatism

Inflammatory rheumatism or rheumatic fever often strikes children. But what made the body or heart susceptible? We maintain that improper diet is one cause, bad eating habits even at an early age.


When your connective tissue or fibres become inflammed, you have  ” fibrositis” . Some experts claim this ailment is of mental origin. We suggest checking your diet, for a general lack of oils.


Often, lumbago ( sacroliac strain) is a forerunner of arthritis in the spinal column. Our body is warning us that we cannot run our motors without oil. We dry out and squeak on for years. Then what do we do? We apply mustard plasters or force ourselves to undergo x ray treatments, orthopedic surgery and MRI’s. Back stiffness means that your tissue flues are gellling. Eat more oil-bearing foods.

Joint pain relief and how your car functions!

To fully understand how to get joint pain relief it helps to compare your body to a car. Our body doesn’t function well without the correct oil. In exactly the same way as if you don’t keep your car topped up with oil, so it goes with oil aiding our arthritic condition.

Your car has “joints” too. Its smooth functioning depends upon a constant supply of lubricating oils to prevent friction.  Once the oil has run dry in your car, a grinding effects sets in and the parts cannot possibly function without damage.

With dry joints after 20,000 miles of driving, the bearings of the car and the fittings become frayed and worn out. No amount of grease or sprayed oil can ever repair the broken part. Adding oil at this late date will stop the friction. But the end of the joint will remain worn down.

When you take your car to a garage to be lubricated you are asking the garage to mechanic to “remove arthritis” from your car. With grease and oil of varying consistencies, he can take away the joint friction from your squeaking vehicle.

In the same way with the joints of the human body, the joints are dependent upon the joing lining and blood stream for a constant supply of lubricating materials. Without obtaining oils from your daily diet, your joints will degenerate and break down.

As an arthritic it’s useful to know exactly what types of joints are involved in the disease. Here are the four main categories found in our bodies:

The ball and socket joint. A smooth, rounded head of bone fitsinto a cup like socket of another bone, permitting motion in all directions. The shoulder and hips are examples of this type.

The saddle joint. Here the bones move in two directions. The spinal vertebrae are in this category.

The rotary joint. These can rotate about an axis, like a key in a door. The elbow is one rotary joint.

The hinge joint. This type moves in only one direction, like those in your knees.

Regardless of the type of joint, they are ALL surrounded by linings which will accept nutritional oils! Keeping your joints well oiled is one the most simple ways in which you can get joint pain relief.

You can try some for only $49.95 delivered to you worldwide.

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