Gouty Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

Many people never realize that the ailment known as “gout” is actually a form of arthritis. Confined mostly to the feet, although occasionally strikes the hands and ears, gouty arthritis consists mainly of deposits of uric acid which accumulates in the soft tissues of the body.

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Now what is Gout or gouty arthritis? These drops of uric acid are responsible for the birth of the word “gout”. It comes from the Latin word “gutta” meaning drop. Years ago the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans envisioned poisonous crystals coming from the blood, drop by drop and being deposited in the big toe.

The deposits cause the toe to swell up like a balloon and become extremely painful. Sometimes the crystals concentrate themselves in the ear, finger or knee. These chalky deposits are uric acid crystals.

There have been at least three schools of thought as to what causes gouty arthritis. The blame is often placed on;

  • Wine or fermented beverages;
  • High purine diet; or
  • Defects in digestion and assimilation.

If we go back into history to the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, we find that they had osteoarthritis, but a much higher rate of gouty arthritis, Perhaps it was because they did drink a great deal of wine with their meals.

Fifty years ago, more Americans favored wine with meals than is evident today. As our rate of wine drinking declined, so did the percentage of gouty arthritis.

The high purine diet, (too many sweetbreads, anchovies, sardines, liver, kidneys, brains and meat extracts complicates gouty arthritis, Gout victims by cutting down on the nitrogen rich meats have been freed from pain temporarily, but the fact is, it is what you drink with your diet that decides your rate of recovery.

Drinking wine and fermented beverages definitely puts a double duty on the liver, requiring it to detoxify the wrong liquids while it tries at the same time to utilize the meal.

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