Acupuncture for arthritis pain

Hi there, my name is Daniel Feenstra. As a long term arthritis sufferer I have tried many things to deal with my arthritis condition. One thing that really does help is acupuncture. It has proven to relieve pain and increase mobility in the osteoarthritis in my right knee. Try it and I’m sure you will get some good results. Clinical trials have shown that out of 500 odd people in a trial, over 40% found some real benefit from acupuncture for arthritis pain. It worked for me. I combine it with a variety of different lifestyle and health choices. Specifically dood diet, daily exercise and at least 7 hours sleep a night. And  I also use Quiken natural pain relieving gel daily on my knee and this too makes a real difference to my arthritis pain. You can get it here at the best price on the net.

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