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Natural Pain Relieving gel | Get fast, effective lasting joint pain relief from arthritis and knee pain

Joint Pain Relief

“Quiken” is Nature’s Secret Anti inflammatory Medicine created from New Zealand’s native medicinal plants.

Rub on Quiken 3 x a day. You’ll get moving and stay moving… and be Free from Arthritic Pain, and sore, swollen inflamed joints.

7 reasons to buy Quicken Pain Relieving Gel

  • Quiken penetrates the skin quickly, giving instant joint pain relief.
  • Quiken is made from 100% natural organic ingredients, making it non addictive with ZERO side effects.
  • Quiken contains not one or two but 12 medicinal plants proven to provide Joint Pain Relief from 1000’s of years ancient tribal wisdom.
  • Quiken is used and recommended by international pain coach Daniel Feenstra. Buy with confidence
  • Quiken contains organic silica, giving deep penetrating lubrication of your joints and removing pain effectively.
  • Quiken contains natural essential oils and smells great
  • Quiken’s unique formula of 12 medicinal plants combine to help REPAIR and REBUILD your joints.

As recommended by Arthritis and Knee Pain Expert Daniel Feenstra!

Get the most effective, Natural Pain Relieving Gel available on the Net!

You get 1 Months Supply for ONLY $49.95 per 150ml bottle, Delivered Free Worldwide!

If you’re struggling with Knee , Arthritis, or Joint Pain, Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel will change your life. Surgery, powerful drugs, and anti-inflammatory with nasty side effects will be a thing of the past.

Rub on Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel 3 x daily to the affected area and Get Immediate Arthritis, Joint Pain Relief !

Dear Joint pain sufferer,

The above claims may appear fantastic, extraordinary, or simply just provoke a “yeah right… another natural anti-inflammatory joint product making exaggerated claims that simply are not true”. I know what you mean, because like you, I had just the same response when I was searching the net for help for my severe knee pain. Thousands of sites claim miracle cures!

Miracle cures are the last thing from your mind when you can’t walk, sleep or move about freely because of arthritic pain, throbbing joints, or severe inflammation. When you’re trapped in pain’s grip, waking life is hell, and a decent sleep is rare, arthritic pain isn’t easy, or comfortable. I know I’ve lived this condition for a significant portion of my life. There is a way through it….

Please, just take a moment, PAUSE, and LISTEN to my story…..

A few minutes of your precious time could make a very real difference to your life lived with joint pain, arthritic discomfort and frustrating, stubborn inflammation.

This information is real. I am real. I am not some fabricated fake testimonial to make you buy this product.

I am a real live person with long term joint pain and arthritic problems. I’ve lived many years of serious pain and frustration at not being get moving and stay moving without real discomfort.

I am so excited about this product and the pain relief possible for arthritis sufferers, that it’s become my life’s work to tell people about it.

My name is Daniel Feenstra and my wellness story began at birth, I was born with spina-bifida and grew up with pain, suffering, and physical challenges from more than 40 operations through the first 20 years of my life.

daniel feenstra silicium gel pain relief
As I grew, my joints and bones starting doing strange things, due to the nature of my spina-bifida condition………

My joints aged faster due to the wear and tear of my disease. By the time I was 14, I had lost the large toe on my right foot due to septic osteoarthritis. It was a real shock to find that when I came back from theatre, my surgeon had told me they had amputated my big toe. He maintained there was no other alternative, as the osteoarthritis had turned septic in the bone.

If there is one thing I know about… it is the pain and physical challenges caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis, joint pain and inflammation.

Unlike most people who get osteoarthritis in their later years, (trust me, I’ve had it since a teenager) so I feel like I’m pretty well qualified to share my knowledge of the condition, the challenge of wading through the huge variety of different remedies and the difficulty in finding an a solution that actually works.

Since I was a teenager I’ve had years of:

  • Knee pain
  • Knee surgeries
  • Back operations
  • Back pain
  • Joint problems
  • Osteoarthritis in my feet
  • Arthritis in my knees and hips
  • Arthritis in my elbow and hands

And more recently, October 2006, my left knee suddenly deteriorated. My left knee had literally collapsed. I could not walk.

It was:

  • Swollen
  • Painful
  • Stiff

and to top it off I was physically and emotionally exhausted as I couldn’t sleep due to knee pain at night.

My knee was a right off. I felt like I had no choice but to seek urgent medical advice from orthodox medicine. I immediately went to my orthopedic surgeon and after an MRI scan he advised surgery. At that stage I had tried every natural remedy you could imagine. I had literally spent thousands of dollars buying supplements, trying herbal remedies, massage, hot and cold packs, glucosomine, chrondroitin, fish oils, mussel oil, shark cartilage, bovine cartilage, vitamin supplements, dietary changes… you name it – I had done it. …

I had even traveled half way round the world to see the famous miracle healer in Brazil John of God.

Nothing had worked. Surgery was my last resort.

I went through the surgery and after the operation I walked from the hospital feeling like I had a new knee. It appeared to be a fantastic success…

Surgery cured me at last! Or had it??

I was thrilled – yippee!
What I had come to call my BIG THREE had apparently been SOLVED.

Although there was still some residual soreness as I walked from the hospital, my knee itself felt strong and stable. It was indeed cured, and I felt sure I could now enjoy the simple things in life, such as:

  1. Walking my dog in the park
  2. Playing rough and tumble games with my son
  3. Getting moving and staying moving from point A to point B pain free!

Sadly, within 5 weeks I was sitting back in the waiting room at my orthopedic surgeon pleading with him to repeat the knee operation.

I felt certain he must have missed something. The surgery had made such a huge difference to my quality of life and for a short time (about three weeks) my knee was basically normal. And I WAS DESPERATE for that to continue.

As I sat in the surgeons’ waiting room holding the latest MRI scan in my hands, I was hopeful the next operation would actually fix my knee for good. Perhaps naively, I felt sure that since I had experienced three weeks of full recovery, that surely one more operation would push me through to complete success.

I was about to get a shock. As my surgeon opened up the MRI results and talked through them, he told me there was nothing he could do.

No operation was going to fix my condition. I had osteoarthritis in my knee and it was progressively going to get worse. My surgeon was sending me home with nothing more than a prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs and glucosamine.

This was precisely the news I DID NOT want to hear. I had already tried both these things on his earlier advice and they made me feel ill, and did little to alleviate the severe pain, swelling and stiffness. At first I was depressed and despondent. There was nothing I could do. I would just have to live with it. And this option felt intolerable.

But strangely, as often happens in life, as soon as you stop resisting and fully accept a situation, miraculous and unforeseen avenues open to bring movement and change for the good.

The very next day I received a phone call from a friend working with powerful, native medicinal New Zealand plant remedies. We were chatting and I told him about my knee, the surgery and the difficult situation I was in. He responded excitedly, explaining how he had been working with some local Maori plants and knew a woman who had helped formulate a very powerful natural cure for arthritis, joint pain, and inflamed conditions.

The formula was created utilizing the ancient collective wisdom of many healers, including the wisdom of the NZ Maori (the native people’s of New Zealand). Quiken is a combination of native New Zealand medicinal plants all of which have anti inflammatory medicinal properties. These plants that have been used successfully and effectively for over 100 years in Maori traditional medicine. We have all heard about Emu Oil and other miraculous cures used by ancient aboriginal tribes, but some of these plants were literally growing near my own doorstep in the native bush surrounding the area I live.

I was thrilled!

Here’s the combination of 12 completely 100% natural ingredients in this amazing formula….

Step 1. Warming and opening plants

  • Kawakawa – warming analgesic
  • St john’s wort – warming analgesic
  • Cleavers& violets – warming and opening
  • Frankincense – warming

Quiken works by opening and warming the tissues and muscles, creating the conditions for the next important part of the Quiken joint easing process.

Step 2. Cooling and soothing plants

  • Wintergreen- cooling anagelsic
  • Lavender- cooling
  • Eucalyptus- cooling

Once the joint is warmed and opened, the cooling, soothing natural analgesic ingredients move quickly and directly into the painful area resulting in immediate relief from your arthritic and joint pain, and beginning to reduce inflammation.

Step 3. Healing, regenerating and analgesic plants

  • Black cohosh ( analgesic)
  • Arnica
  • Horsetail silica
  • Dianella
  • Comfrey

Most importantly you don’t just get one time immediate relief using Quiken, used again and again over time the combination of healing, building and regenerating properties in the Quiken formula gradually reduce inflammation and heal and rebuild joint function.

Quiken Pain Gel is recommended for:

  • Keeping joints supple
  • Supporting and protecting the cartilage
  • Bone development and calcium assimilation
  • Rejuvenating tissues
  • Protecting the ligaments and tissue elasticity
  • Reducing inflammation in tissues and joints
  • Joint and muscle pain relief
  • Stiffness in joints

So what does this Quiken discovery mean to arthritic sufferers like you and me? What does it mean to the pain, stiffness, swelling and sleepless nights we have to endure?

Like me you too can discover what Joint pain and ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS worldwide already know and trust ….

Quiken Pain Gel works!

And there’s no swallowing down mouthfuls of anti inflammatory chemical pills with horrible side effects. Quiken is a topical natural pain relieving gel. It just rubs on direct to the sore part of your body!

In my journey of dealing with natural pain relief I have discovered several success keys that will really help you stay free from joint and arthritic pain… follow these and you will be well on the way to a pain free and arthritis free life…

These FIVE break-free-from-arthritis Success Keys are very important.

What I discovered with Quiken Pain GEL…I KNOW FOR A FACT. I also know, very, very few nutritionists and health professionals know about the miracle of Quiken Pain GEL.

My days of coping with arthritic pain and suffering were numbered!

And your days are too! But there are several very important Quiken health keys that when followed precisely make a huge difference to the effectiveness of Quiken Pain Gel.

Break Free From Arthritis Success Key # 1

You must take Quiken as prescribed.

When my first order of 6 bottles arrived I used it once or twice and found it made little if any difference.

I was ready to give up, and mistakenly believed that it wasn’t the miracle cure that I had been told it was. My knee was as swollen and painful as ever and I was having difficulty walking. I was ready to just try to learn to live with it as my surgeon has suggested.

Then again something strange happened. You know that little voice that nags you when you know you haven’t done something 100% right, well I knew in this instance I hadn’t been using the Quiken Gel religiously as prescribed. I hadn’t been rubbing it on 3 times as day. My little voice said,

“Don’t give up… try it 3-4 times a day. And stick with it until you have finished the first bottle.”
I was in so much pain I thought “I’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll try it. I’ll try using it 3 times a day until I’ve finished the tube.”

And that’s what I did.

Then the MIRACLE happened.

After 10 days of using Quiken Gel religiously
3-5 times a day, I was not only pain free… I felt like I had a new knee.

The BIG 5 had been impacted not by surgery but by Quiken!

  1. I was pain free
  2. There was no swelling
  3. There was no stiffness
  4. I could walk freely
  5. Finally and this one was a biggie. I could sleep pain free. No more tossing and turning and sleepless nights.

And what’s more, I could do yoga postures that I had been unable to do for years, as well as squats on a weights mat.

That’s right SQUATS! I could completely bend my knees, squat down to the ground and stand up again. I started doing 3 sets of 20 squats every second day

Break free from Arthritis Success Key # 2

It’s cumulative

You must use Quiken Natural Pain Gel consistently! Your body may be quite depleted from silica, and other elements contained within the Quiken formula as this happens naturally with age. It takes time for these to build up in your system. Each day you use Quiken Gel it will build in your system taking you one step closer to being pain free.

Getting Quiken Gel to work for you requires you to stick with a regular and consistent programme of taking Quiken Gel intensively for 10 days and then keeping up a daily maintenance rub. That is your commitment. DO IT AND IT WILL WORK.

Just to remind you again.

Intensive programme

To get fast results from your Arthritic Pain use your Quiken Natural Pain Gel 3 x a day for the first 3 days and I guarantee you will get amazing results.

Remember Quiken Gel is CUMULATIVE.

The more you rub it on the better it works.

As Quiken Gel is gradually built up and replaced in your system month by month you may notice step-by-step improvements in other areas of your health.

Break Free from Arthritis Success Key # 3

Avoid Alcohol

I know this a hard one for some folks out there. It was for me. I love a little red wine, beer and the odd Gin & Tonic. BUT and this is a big BUT. Avoid it. It makes a real difference. My advice is when using Quiken Pain Gel avoid alcohol.

I experimented with this quite a bit. What I noticed is that when I drank alcohol and was using Quiken, the fluid retention in my knee increased, as did the stiffness and swelling, and when I didn’t drink alcohol the fluid decreased. It seemed like there was an obvious connection. I stopped the alcohol and chose being pain free over drinking alcohol.

Break Free from Arthritis Success Key # 4

Mild Exercise

As the Quiken Gel kicks in, you will get more movement, more flexibility, less pain. Make the most of it and GET EXERCISING. Even if it means a gentle daily walk. This helps the whole condition. It did with me. It made a huge difference.

Break Free From Arthritis Success Key # 5

Beware of similar product imitations

ONLY USE GENUINE Quiken Natural Pain relieving Gel manufactured in New Zealand– BEWARE OF IMITATIONS AND REPLICA PRODUCTS.

If your Quiken Pain Gel is NOT manufactured in Titirangi, New Zealand… don’t waste your money.

There is only one GENUINE Quiken product. The others do not have the unique healing qualities of Quiken Gel. They do not have the unique molecules that give Quiken its amazing healing powers.

Sadly there are only a handful of people who will take action and order the very product that will make a real and lasting difference to arthritic pain. Most will simply discount this as another over-promising product that delivers little….

Before I tried and tested Quiken for myself, I was asking the same question you are now…

“Why should I waste more money on another product with such astounding promises when none of the others I have tried have worked”…

This fact should help.

Quiken customers can’t be wrong!

The bottom line is that Quiken delivers results or you get your money back… but why haven’t you and I heard about it? Why isn’t Quiken available in stores or advertised on TV?

Simply put, because Quiken Pain Relieving Gel works. It speaks for itself. It has needed little or no marketing. ITS EFFECTIVENESS has been the single factor that has sold this product. People who use it and experience its amazing benefits then tell others. They tell their friends about the amazing relief they’re experiencing. This is how the Quiken message has spread.

Quiken customers discovered it through word of mouth.

So what are your options from here? Brush this off as nonsense and stay with what you are doing? Stay in pain, with swollen stiff movements and sleepless nights? And continue life, suffering in a living HELL?


Try Quiken Gel completely RISK FREE. I stand behind this product and as you can probably tell I am absolutely 100% confident it will work for YOU.

I’m so confident I will offer a 100% money back guarantee.

If Quiken Pain Gel doesn’t make a vast and significant difference to your arthritic pain, joint pain, or inflammatory condition I will give you 100% of your money back.

That’s right you have absolutely nothing to risk and everything to gain.

So what is Quiken Pain Gel really worth?

How can you truly put a value on:

  • Playing with your grandchildren…
  • Getting a good nights sleep…
  • FREEDOM from debilitating pain…
  • Enjoying walking, hiking, nature, and getting out and about…
  • Freedom from stiffness…
  • Freedom from swollen joints…

You cant put a value on these things. But I’m sure you are just like me, in that I couldn’t put a true value on being FREE from arthritic pain when it was driving me crazy night and day!

All I can do is assure you that the price of a single bottle of Quiken Pain Gel has changed my life.

But don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself.
You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your days of “coping” with arthritic pain are over. With Quiken Pain Gel you can experience arthritic relief and FINALLY ENJOY LIFE like many other arthritic sufferers worldwide!

Why delay?

The fact is if Quiken improves even just ONE of the Big Five conditions it will RADICALLY IMPROVE your quality of life.
This weighed against the small investment in your health will make this decision an easy one.

Lets face it… taking Quiken or not, is the difference between FREEDOM FROM PAIN or being stuck in that pattern of “putting up with it.”

Forget about “putting up with it”

If you’re really serious about choosing a better quality of life free from arthritic pain ORDER YOUR Quiken NOW.

Quiken Pain Gel is NOT some miraculous pill you take and in 15 minutes all your pain is gone forever.

Yeah… we’ve heard it all before. Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel is a scientifically proven, bioavailable, highly absorbable organic Gel arthritic solution that works, BUT… it still requires you to take action, and apply daily.

To get real benefits my experience has been NOTHING is a quick fix, like financial products promising HUGE returns for with no risk, Quiken requires you to stick with a consistent programme of rubbing on Quiken regularly. That is your commitment. Do it and it will work. DON’T…. AND IT WON’T.

If you are not willing to follow the simple process of applying Quiken Gel 3 x daily for 3-4 days, and then use Quiken Gel once daily as a maintenance dose, don’t waste your time, energy and money.

Stop right now.
Close this page.

… and buy the 15 minute-wonder-pills that promise immediate and permanent relief.

But if you are like me, you are willing to put in some effort, take some time, take your medicine and allow the Quiken Natural Pain Relieving Gel to build up in your body and work its miracle.
Begin your path to getting free from Arthritic pain.

Used consistently 3 times a day, I guarantee you will experience real benefits, a real ease in pain, real changes in your life of living hell with arthritis.


and take advantage of our special bonus introductory offer.

Wishing you the very best on your path to becoming free from arthritic pain,

Former Arthritis Sufferer

PS. Remember, I have used Quiken Pain Gel personally to alleviate arthritic pain that I’ve experienced for over 30 years. The proof? THE FACT that Quiken Natural Pain Gel has changed my life AND the lives of many, many people worldwide!

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7 Responses to “Joint Pain Relief”

  1. Wow I’d like to give this gel a try. It looks like it might work well with the systemic enzyme’s I have been taking to reduce my pain.

    I’ll consider ordering a bottle of this gel to try out after payday. I’ve got bad back pain due to a herniated disc and compressed nerves/spinal stenosis.. It would be nice to get more relief than I’ve been getting.

  2. PCO Licence says:

    Great blog….Really enjoyed the content. Awesome stuff.

  3. Christian says:


    My name is Christian and I wish to know if you had some good feedback from people who has the Parkinson’s disease. Some of them have great back pain, due to constant muscle contraction.

    It would be great to know if someone with that kind of pain had good feedback…


  4. PJ Cusack. says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Greetings from Ireland. I’ve jus ordered 1 bottle of Quiken. I have a very rare Spinal Condition aka ‘Spinal Lesions’

    A Spinal Lesion is something similar to a skin wound on the spinal cord. Try to visualize if the skin on the palm of your hand was peeled off! Now that’s painful!

    I have this lesion in the T5 region which is kinda like having a giant fishing hook embedded in the thorasic spinal column.

    Currently I’m on a regime consisting of Enzyme Therapy, MSM, and a Chinese Rub aka WoodLock Oil or Ease Oil. I’m also using a very strong Phytoplankton Product which is also helping me a little. Neoropathic Drugs have failed completely and I’ve gotta take the natural route.

    I will sing my praises for Quiken if I get results! Thanks for hearing me out!! Chat soon!!!


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